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vifabio - Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Biologie
Virtueller Katalog / Internetquellen / E-Zeitschriften / Datenbanken - UB Frankfurt am Main und Kooperationspartner Deutschlands biologische Informationszentrale Kompaktes Wissen für Schule und Studium
BiologyBrowser Biology Information and Free Resources
„the site provides articles by scientists, science educators and students on issues related to seven primary areas, including genomics, biotechnology, evolution, and biodiversity. All of the pieces on the site go through a peer-review process and are written with a keen eye towards providing information in a way that is largely jargon-free and highly accessible“
Biology Online - Information in the Biological Sciences
„a site dedicated to providing basic to advanced information in the field of Biology, to be used free of charge to all those visiting“; auch: Dictionary, Tutorials, Links
The Biology Project: An Online Interactice Resource for Learning Biology
„To provide you with the means to communicate research findings, news, comment and analysis in all areas of biology and clinical medicine directly with your peers“
BIORESEARCH: The UK's Gateway to High Quality Internet Resources in Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Life
…the Encyclopedia of Life is an ecosystem of websites that makes all key information about all life on Earth accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world
Ergito: The Revolution in Scientific Publishing
„You must be a registered member to access free content, or a paid subscriber to access premium content“; Texte zu - Molecular, Cell Biology, Genetics, Introduction to Biology
Gateway to Online History Notebooks
Canadian Museum of Nature („in our Natural History Notebooks you'll find lots of fascinating facts about 246 animal species. You'll also learn about the amazing diversity of life on Earth…, and why it's important to protect that diversity“)
Natural Selection
Your guide to quality Internet resources relating to the Natural World (The Natural History Museum London)
NatureServe: An Online Encyclopedia of Life
„a source for authoritative conservation information on more than 50,000 plants, animals, and ecological communities of the United States and Canada.NatureServe provides in-depth information on rare and endangered species, but includes common plants and animals too“ Vögel, Säugetiere, Pilze, Libellen, Pflanzen, Spinnen, Schmetterlinge, Käfer, Lurche, Reptilien
„database, which allows users to find out where various species live around the world. The information in the database is based on the Fund's 825 terrestrial ecoregions and currently includes information for four large taxa, or groups of species: birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians“



Algaebase Listing The World's Algae


AmphibiaWeb - An Information System for Amphibian Conservation Biology
Checklist of Amphibian Species and Identification Guide An Online Guide for the Identification of Amphibians in North America north of Mexico
Amphibian Species of the World American Museum of Natural History / Department of Herpetology
Amphibians on the IUCN Red List Red List


Frogs: A Chorus of Colors American Museum of Natural History

Arachnologie, Spinnen

Artenschutz, Naturschutz

WISIA Wissenschaftliches Informationssystem zum Internationalen Artenschutz (Bundesamt f. Naturschutz)
The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species IUCN - The World Conservation Union (Rote Liste)
Wikipedia-Artikel Rote Liste gefährdeter Arten
Trafotürme und Naturschutz Stillgelegte Trafohäuschen als Artenschutztürme

Artenvielfalt, Biodiversität

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility - GBIF Projekt: Verzeichnis aller Tiere und Pflanzen; Joachim Holstein, Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart
World Biodiversity Database „…a continuously growing taxonomic database and information system that aims at documenting all presently known species (about 1.7 million) and to make this important biological information worldwide accessible. Access to this online information system is free of charge for noncommercial use: scientific and educational purposes“


Australian Biological Resources Study the mission of the Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) is to document which plants and animals are found in Australia, map their locations, and provide information this information to the general public


Interessantes von Apfelbaum bis Zapfen Ein kleines Baumlexikon
Treeland Einsichten in Bäume u. Holz
TreeBASE „a relational database of phylogenetic information“



BioChipNet The informational website on BioChip Technologies

Bioethik The American Journal of Bioethics
BioethicsWeb The guide to Internet resources for biomedical ethics


Stuebers Online Library Sammlung historischer u. moderner Biologiebücher

Biomes (aquatic, desert, forest, graaslands, tundra)


bioSicherheit Infos zur Gentechnologie, Lexikon Biosicherheit…


Biotechnologie Die Informationsplattform
Bio-Link Online Instructional Resources and Clearing House

Botanik, Pflanzenkunde

Botany National Biological Information Infrastructure
Botanik online - Die Internetlehre
Botanische Werke online Bibliothek des BGBM
Botanisches Webportal (u.a. Botanische Bilddatenbank; Wildpflanzen Deutschlands; Kategorien von „Alpen“ bis „Wörterbücher“)
Botanische Bilddatenbank der Universität Basel (u.a. Arten, Gattungen, Familien, Ordnungen)
IMAGINES PLANTARUM - Pflanzenbilder mehr als 1750 Pflanzenbilder in einem übersichtlich gestalteten Bilderpflanzenlexikon
NeoFlora - The World's Largest Plant Database
European Plant Index …links related to the plant sector, the gardening and its accessories in internet
PLANTS Database USDA Plants - alle Pflanzen der USA
Internet Directory for Botany
Bioimages Vanderbilt University; „extensive website of southeastern U.S. plant images“


Vascular Plant Image Library Digital Flora of Texas

Orchideen Infos rund um das Thema Orchideen
Wolfgangs Orchideenseiten Infos rund um das Thema Orchideen
Digital Orchid Library „Here, visitors can electronically traipse through such gems as the periodical 'The Orchid World' from 1911 and 1912, then move on to more demanding texts such as 'Die Orchideen von Java', compiled by one Johannes Jacobus Smith. Accompanied by detailed illustrations of orchids, visitors will find much to delight in throughout these various taxonomical works“

Tropische Pflanzen

Raintree: Tropical Plant Database „Including over 300 pages of documentation on rainforest plants and very well-organized, the Tropical Plant Database lists plants by Common name, Botanical name, Ethnic uses, and Action/disorder. The Database File for each plant includes an illustration and information about family, genus, species, common names, plant description, and more“


Celebrating Wildflowers USDA’s Forest Service - geogr. Schwerpunkt: USA

Cetaceen, Wale Die Welt der Wale u. Delphine
Cetacea „complete background information on every species of whale, dolphin and porpoise known to humankind“
Whales on-line a reference and news site dedicated to education for the conservation of whales of the St. Lawrence and their natural habitat


Bibliography of Dendrochronology „an archive of printed documents relevant to tree-ring research worldwide“


Dinotreker („Within this site you will find a very unique and interesting view of dinosaurs and Paleo art. Featuring a showcase of dinosaur art from some of the best Paleo Artists in the world today“)


Der Elch - Alces alces Der König der nordischen Wälder

Entomologie, Insekten Entomologie im deutschsprachigen Raum
Index of Internet Resources
Wikipedia-Artikel Insektenkunde
Entomology Index of Internet Resources A directory and search engine of insect-related resources on the Internet (Iowa State Univ./Colorado State Univ.)
Insects on the Web (bugbios)
Insekten-Box: Steckbriefe Fotos u. Angaben zur Lebensweise von über 500 Insektenarten, die in Mitteleuropa zu Hause sind
Virtual Roach web resource focused on insect anatomy that was developed as a technical reference and an instructional tool
Fachgruppe Entomologie Berlin (NABU)

Ameisen provides … access to all the ant species of the world, one of the ecologically most important groups of animals worldwide. Antbase is a collaborative effort between scientists from around the world, aiming at providing the best possible access to the wealth of information on ants
Wikipedia-Artikel Ameisen Schwerpunkt: in Deutschland, speziell Baden-Württemberg vorkommende Arten

Bienen, Wildbienen, Hummeln

Bienenzucht, Imkerei Your Online Sourcebook for Beekeeping
The Hive and the Honeybee „a repository of literature on bees and beekeeping for current use and for the use of future generations“
Honeybee genome Nature
Bienen halten - Begriffe der Imkerei Erklärungen, Fachbegriffe, Lexikon


Beetle Science Infos zu Käfern (in engl.)
What´s that bug? Fotos von Käfern und Erläuterungen dazu (in engl.)


Landesdatenbank Schmetterlinge Baden-Württembergs Staatl. Museum f. Naturkunde Karlsruhe
Schmetterling - Raupe Portal für Schmetterlinge und Raupen


The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online Edited by Dr John van Wyhe - auch Bibliography, Overview, Images
Alfred Russel Wallace Collection Natural History Museum in London
Wie die Affen menschlich wurden - Die Evolution der Menschheit
Evolution Resources From the National Academies
Understanding Evolution Your One-Stop Source for Information on Evolution
Tree of Life Web Project On more than 4000 World Wide Web pages, the project provides information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history (phylogeny), and characteristics
Living Links - A Center for the Advanced Study of Ape and Human Evolution

Fauna/Flora - Online Field Guides (suchbar: mehr als 4.800 Pflanzen- und Tierarten)
„The databases cover a wide range of topical and geographical areas, such as southeastern US plants and an area dedicated to providing information on plant features“


FishBase: A Global Information System on Fishes
Australian Museum Fish Site („The heart of the site is the Find a Fish section, a collection of hundreds of fact sheets on fish, sorted by common or scientific name“)
Ichthyology at the Florida Museum of Natural History


Zierfischverzeichnis umfangreiche Seite f. alle Aquarianer u. Freunde von Zierfischen

Forest Tree Dendrome


The Galapagos Collection University of Wisconsin’s Zoological Museum (UWZM)

Garten, Landbau


Nutzpflanzen - Datenbank Stephan Imhof


Pomologen-Verein e.V. Die Pomologie ist die Lehre von den Obstarten und Obstsorten und umfasst deren Bestimmung, Beschreibung, Empfehlung und Erhaltung


Genetik, Vererbungslehre

Genetik Wikipedia
„…the first internet portal to make on-line genetic research fast, easy and free…“
A Hypermedia Glossary of Genetic Terms
Introduction to Genetics
Created by GlaxoSmithKline, the site includes a number of interactive animations that illustrate the workings of DNA and genes. Along with these animations, visitors can read over brief introductory pieces on mutations and genetic disorders
Ensembl Genome Browser
The Wellcome Trust / Sanger Institute: „Ensembl presents up-to-date sequence data and the best possible automatic annotation for metazoan genomes. Available now are human, mouse, rat, fugu, zebrafish, mosquito, Drosophila, C. elegans, and C. briggsae, Others will be added soon“
The Comprehensive Microbial Resource Home Page - CMR
„These pages have been designed to allow the user to access data from all of the genome sequences completed to date“


Gentechnik Wikipedia
bioSicherheit Infos zur Gentechnologie, Lexikon Biosicherheit…
Gentechnologie Zenrale für Unterrichtsmedien e.V. - ZUM
Informationsdienst Gentechnik
TransGen Transparenz für Gentechnik bei Lebensmitteln
Gentechnikfreie Regionen in Deutschland BUND für Umwelt und Naturschutz
Gentechnik Greenpeace
Gentechnik: Eingriff in den Naturbauplan Umweltinstitut München
Aktionsbündnis gentechnikfreie Landwirtschaft (Baden-Württemberg)


DNA interactive „Developed by the Dolan DNA Learning Center at the legendary Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, this Web site provides a host of interactive exhibits and background material about DNA, the human genome project, and the various applications that are gleaned through an intimate and detailed knowledge of human DNA specifically“


H-Inv Database Human gene database, with Integrative Annotation / Validated by Full-Length cDNA Clones
Human Genome Project Working Draft (International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium)
The National Human Genome Research Institute
Celera - "Celera's Consensus Human Genome"
Human Genome Special Issue Science Magazine
123Genomics: A Genomics and Bioinformatics Knowledge Base („…contain dozens of links to bioinformatics- and genomics-related science news, research labs, databases, scientific societies, protocol guides, etc.“)
(Microbial) Genome Seek
Science Functional Genomics („This well-designed and easy-to-use resource has potential for a wide range of users interested in genomics and biotechnology“)


Links zum Thema "Klonen" Quarks & Co. (WDR)

Giftpflanzen und -tiere


Heilkräuter-Seiten umfangreiche Sammlung von Infos u. Links zum Thema Heilkräuter



MarLIN - The Marine Life Information Network for Britain & Ireland („…will provide the most comprehensive and easily used source of information about marine habitats, communities and species around Britain and Ireland“)
European Register of Marine Species „a research consortium funded by the European Union under the MAST (Marine Science and Technology) programme“
OBIS - Ocean Biogeographic Information System Explore data on locations of Marine Animals and Plants / Obtain data tables, maps and predict distributions using enviornmental information / More than 9 million records from 92 databases



Electronic Biologia Centrali-Americana „The original 58 volumes of this remarkable work of natural history were created and composed during the 19th century in an effort to identify, categorize, and document the flora and fauna of Meso-America


Biodiversity of Mexico Fauna, Flora and Ecosystems


Introduction to Microbiology Blog The latest news about microbiology



Ökologie Wikipedia
Wiki Commons Ecology Bilder, Videos, Audiodateien
Ökologie Biologie-online
Umwelt-Lexikon Umweltdatenbank, Umwelt unter einem D,A,CH
Öko-Institut Freiburg
Österreichisches Ökologie Institut
Umweltlexikon online KATALYSE Institut für angewandte Umweltforschung
Umweltbibliotheken im Internet
Portal mit Online-Recherche in Katalogen von Umweltbibliotheken, Liste der Umweltbibliotheken, Links zu Ökologie und Umweltthemen u.v.m.

siehe auch unter Umweltwissenschaften


Index to Organism Names (BIOSIS; „It can be used to identify the taxonomic group to which a named organism belongs and to link to further information from Zoological Record or other collaborating organization“)

Ornithologie / Vogelkunde

Avibase Die Welt-Vogel-Datenbank: Datenbank-Informations-System zu allen Vögeln der Welt; ca. 1.4 Mio. Aufzeichnungen zu 10.000 Spezies u. 22.000 Subspezies einschl. Verbreitungs-Informationen, Taxonomie, Synonyme in mehreren Sprachen u. anderes
All About Birds Website für Ornithologen - u.a. Bird Guide, Learn About Birds…
Introduction to the Aves Webportal zur Vogelbeobachtung
GeoBirds Your Online Birding Community Vogelstimmen u. -gesänge im Internet





The Paleobiology Database „Its purpose is to provide global, collection-based occurrence and taxonomic data for marine and terrestrial animal and plants of any geologic age, as well as Web-based software for statistical analysis of the data“



Pilze, Mykologie


ReefBase A Global Information System On Coral Reefs
ISRS - International Society for Reef Studies


Stübers Online Library Eine Sammlung historischer und moderner Biologiebücher


Mammals Species of the World (MSW) NMNH Department of Systematic Biology, Division of Mammals


International Symbiosis Society „primarily involved with the promotion of research and education in the growing field of symbiosis. The Society seeks also to build ongoing and useful communication between the many researchers working in the various sub-fields of symbiosis, as well as connect symbiologists to those in other areas of ecology and biological sciences generally“


Das Tierlexikon ständig erweitertes Tierlexikon, teilweise bebildert
Heimische Tierwelt Steinhuder Meer, Weserbergland und angrenzende Gebiete


Lauterbacher Tierschutzsuche Linkliste, Suchmaschine


Plant Viruses Online Descriptions and Lists from the VIDE Database
The Big Picture Book of Viruses
Allgemeine Virologie auch: Glossary


Journal of Biology
„international journal publishing biological research articles of exceptional interest and importance“
PLoS Biology Open-Access Journal „features works of exceptional significance in all areas of biological science, from molecules to ecosystems“

Zoologie, Tierkunde

University of Wisconsin-Madison Zoology Museum Collection auch Zugang zu Volltexten
BIOSIS - Free Resources(u.a. Counts of New and Changed Animal Names Reported in Zoological Record, Guide to the Animal Kingdom for Students and Educators, Index to Organism Names, Internet Resource Guides, Nomenclatural Glossary for Zoology)

Zoologische Gärten

Zoos in Deutschland, Europa und der ganzen Welt

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